Tuesday, April 1, 2008

have you heard of the clark brothers?

i am not a fan of reality t.v. shows..are you? my exceptions are shows focusing on music..i love rock, blues, jazz, classical and wrapping it all together in a style i call "austin rock". have you ever been to austin, tx? while it is the capital of texas, i think it is better known as the live music capital of the world. my favorite radio station in the world is based in austin... ksgr 107.1 radio austin. luckily for me they stream over the internet so, although this is an austin station, i can listen all the time here in napa, ca...sometimes the internet rocks! you can check out the station...the link is listed under the favorite links section of the blog.. let me know what you think.

anyway..back to the reality shows point. i watched a t.v. show last fall called the next great american band...found it by accident but happened to catch it during the performance of a band called the clark brothers...i was hooked..these guys are amazing...terrific musicians..original arrangements..great voices..and they seem like really nice guys..and they are brothers. i was so blown away that i started watching this show weekly..just to see their performances. it was one of those vote a group off each week shows, so i did not know how long i would be watching as the other groups were not anywhere near as good and i would stop watching when the clark brothers were gone. happily they won! i know that i am gushing, (and i am not normally a gusher) but i am waiting for their first album to be released which is one of the prizes for winning the show... i read today that they are performing tonight (wed) on american idol. a tip from me is to watch the show..i know, but just tonight...and catch this performance. i am hoping that their raw, natural personality comes through..and that they have not gone "hollywood". i have included a couple of youtube performances from the show. the first is their rendition of the song saved, the second is a killer version of the stones "gimme shelter" and the last is their take on rod stewart's "your in my heart" which will make you weep, it is so beautiful. take a listen..and please comment regarding your thoughts.

one last thought..i have been overwhelmed with your emails commenting on the friendship blog..wow, so many of you have had just horrible experiences with people you thought were your friends. i have read your mail..thank you so much for sharing..and i promise that i will respond to each one individually.
as always,
best from napa farmhouse 1885


Anonymous said...

Wow, I agree with you. These guys are really good. Thank you for telling us about the band.

Anonymous said...

I love, love, love this band. They are really cute too!

Anonymous said...

Oh my..Napa you are right. I have never watched American Idol before in my life, but I will check it out tonight to watch these boys.

madrekarin said...

Oh, wow. They are great! No wonder they won. :)
I've been enjoying visiting your blog!
I'll be back to see what you're up to often.

Anonymous said...

Hey Napa,
Their music is really good, but they are also really HOT!..Are you sure you like them because of their music?? :)

Anonymous said...

I saw them on Idol and they are fantastic. A bit scary and intense but fantastic.

Anonymous said...

when is their album coming out?

Sharon said...

I know this is an old post but I just found it. I LOVE The Clark Brothers! So much so, that a friend and I started The Clark Brothers Official Fan Site on myspace. Check it out at

They also have a page at


They just posted a Valentine's Day message to their fans yesterday. Their CD should be coming out soon. Can't wait!

Hopefully, someone will still read this message even though it's responding to an old post. Come join us at the fan site. We'd love to have you!