Thursday, April 17, 2008

what is "coopetition"?

no..this is not a misprint...the word is "coopetition"..what is it and where did it come from?..first..let's go back a bit... i wrote in earlier posts about my disillusionment with the corporate life. i loved leading/managing my team..and the actual work. but i grew so tired of all the politics, and one-up-man-ship..for those of you that have been know those endless meetings planning future meetings?..the ones where you just know the individuals that will need to make a point..even if the point has already been made..because they just have to talk..hoping to make an impression on the senior most executive in the room. nothing is more frustrating than the time wasted in these meetings. ick..i just could not take it anymore. i also never could get used to the dishonest people..the ones that would steal ideas and not give the proper credit..the ones so insecure that they looked at everyone else as competition..and tried to eliminate that competition. people that could not help or support others because they were jealous and thought if others were successful it would somehow make them less so....i have seen this in major corporations..and in small local businesses. where does that come from?

this is why i continue to be so impressed mary jane butters. i have talked about her before..she started a company called maryjanes farm which is a combination of organic food, gardening, farm living and giving back. please see my earlier post can you live in town and be a farmgirl? to get a bit more background on this amazing woman. today, i want to talk about her philosophy on supporting others in business. although she is working very hard to ensure her business is a success, she believes wholeheartedly in sharing and supporting other people in their businesses. there was a post to her online forum that articulates her philosophy really well.

this was written by brenda from spokane..aka past blessings:

"MaryJane has a wonderful philosophy on business. She encouraged me when I was dealing with someone not handling competition in a very kind way. She
said she fully believes in what she termed "coopetition" which is combining the words cooperation with competition . . . meaning we help each other even when we may be involved in similar things. For example she is very into organic farming, but rather than acting like she should be the "only organic farmer" she encourages others to come walk beside her in their endeavors.She has been a huge encourager to me with my endeavors in antiques and other creative venues. I think embracing one another in our talents and abilities is something she encourages and she truly likes seeing other women succeed.I think this thought process is what has helped us to be so endeared to her.If only the rest of the world operated like this . . . seems to me wars and famines could all be a thing of the past. I am honored to know someone of such high standards and example." often do you see this in business? mary jane butters exemplifies the best of a businessperson..and a human all that she does. i really encourage you to check out her website her her products and her will be glad that you did!

one more thing to illustrate the character of mary jane..i emailed her to ask if i could quote her philosophy in my, she does not know me from adam..but she personally assistant here...and this is what she said:
"But of course you may use it and THANK YOU so much for asking first. Your blog is adorable. I love this blog trend. It gives so many unsung female heroes an outlet for their creativity. Write on! MaryJane"

need i say more?..i can not think of anyone in business i respect more than mary jane...

which business leaders do you admire..and why? please share your stories in the comments section..

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Lisa Marie said...

Here, here! I totally admire MaryJane and all that she does. She exemplifies all that business SHOULD be. As well as all that we, as human beings, should be. MaryJane not only teaches us about "coopetition", but about caring and supporting each other outside of business. She is a great example that we should all aspire to. The world would be a much better place if more people learned from her.

Alee said...

MaryJane is an inspiration and a blessing to many. Not only does she support the idea of coopetition like your post discussed, but she also started Project F.A.R.M which stands for First-Class American Rural Made. Her aprons and such which she sells on her website are made by women and are made with heart in a very real way.

I have had the blessing of meeting MaryJane a few time and have been blown away by her generous and loving spirit. She is truly a role model for today's world and one of my own personal heros.

Jane said...

I just checked out the web site and I am interested in learning more. Where can I buy the magazine? I live in Atlanta.

Nancy Jo said...

I think MARYJANE IS the farmgirl in all of us. Takes pride in herself her family her business and has a very caring nature towards her friends and even those she has never meant. I just wish we could put a MARYJANE MAGAZINE AND BOOK in every home in America, then maybe "THEY" would all know what we know.

createmyworld said...

I found Mary Jane's Farm about a year ago and fell in love with all of her books and magazines. She is a woman after my own heart. When I turn a page in one of her books or magazines I am given constant inspiration. Mary Jane I can honestly and sincerely say is my hero. I encourage all who have not heard of her to check out her website and the multitude of wonderful products which are for sale through the website. Thanks for blogging about her!! If I ever get the time to have my own blog, I'd want to do something similar to get the word spread far and wide about MJF!!

Miss Wilma said...

Hey girl, Mary Jane is my hero, I couldn't begin to tell everyone what a great person she is and what she has done for others. I was so happy that by posting we got her a lot of sales. I know she really appreciates you.

Thanks bunches,
Miss Wilma

Julie said...

Hey Farmhouse. I read your blog every week and sometimes feel as if you are my twin. I know exactly what you are talking about regarding the politics of business. You are so lucky to be able to retire early. Mary Jane sounds like a true role model. I am looking forward to getting to know the company as I had not heard of it before. Thank you. Oh and could you please post more often? :)

Anonymous said...

I went to the web site and fell in love. Thank you for introducing me to MaryJanesFarm.

Beth said...

I just received my first box of food from Mary Jane's Farm. The chilimac is soooo good. I also love the Budget Mix. Thank you for the suggestion!