Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Fresh Carrot, Banana & Peach Smoothie

This post is short and sweet....Make this smoothie!  It is delicious.

I woke up yesterday morning feeling like a cold was coming my way.  I am determined to stay healthy this year...last February's pneumonia was enough to last a lifetime.  So I decided to make a smoothie that would blast away any potential bugs.  I had carrots, bananas and peaches on hand.   I had no idea the combination would taste so good.  Amazing!  Give it a try...you don't need to wait for the onslaught of a cold!

Fresh Carrot, Banana & Peach Smoothie
(makes 2 smoothies, 8 oz each)

8 oz carrot juice (freshly juiced or purchased organic juice)
1 banana (sliced and frozen)
1 fresh peach, pitted and sliced
1 cup water
1 tsp honey
1 tbsp ground chia seed)

Freeze carrot juice in ice cube tray.  When frozen add carrot juice ice cubes to blender. Add remaining ingredients. Pulse until well mixed and frosty. Serve immediately.

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