Thursday, March 13, 2008

can you live in town and be a farmgirl?

i love reading magazines...all types really, but especially the ones geared towards food, cooking, home design and gardening. i have received gourmet and bon appetit for 25 years, am a charter martha stewart living subscriber, think food and wine is brilliant...and the laundry list continues with cottage living and organic gardening. i read these magazines and then either recycle or donate and decided last year that going forward i would only sign up for the on-line versions of any new magazines as a way to be a bit more green..will think about this option as my current subscriptions come due.

i am making one exception to this idea. two years ago i was in a bookstore and discovered a magazine totally different from anything i had ever seen. the magazine was printed on beautiful paper stock that just felt amazing..i know, kinda weird to say but if you felt it you would know what i mean....terrific photography of all..NO advertisements! the magazine is called mary janes farm and the issue i bought is their special recipe issue. i had never heard of this magazine before but after thumbing through a couple of pages i was addicted. i learned that there is actually a mary jane..her name is mary jane butters, she lives on a farm in moscow idaho, she believes passionately in promoting an organic lifestyle, she has written books, sells organic products via a website and she has legions of fans..called farmgirls..that have formed farmgirl chapters all over the world.

deborah needleman, house & garden editor at large, says:"maryjanesfarm is charming and well done — hugely appealing. it is homey, and smart and interesting ... part martha stewart living, part oprah magazine, part organic style, part nation, part ladies home journal ... full of tips, ideas, and information."

the magazine i bought was filled with recipes using fresh, organic ingredients, loads of stories about living on a farm..or just dreaming about it...and listings of the food and other products she sells on her website. i was hooked from the start...ordered a bunch of products, read her website and even ordered her book. i am a big fan of this woman and her brand. now, my farmhouse is in the middle of town and i do not have a lot of property..yet i still feel connected to the simple, beautiful, organic farmlife she writes about. her definition of farmgirl? "farmgirl is a condition of the heart", mary jane butters .
i encourage you to check out her website at i intend to share many of her ideas, recipes and her organic philosophy on this blog. for other farmgirls reading my blog..please share your thoughts about what farmgirls are all about in the comments section of this post. for now, i want to share one recipe: mary janes farm organic bakeover

mary janes farm sells a product called budget mix..kinda like an organic, really good for you, really good tasting bisquick. ingredients: organic unbleached wheat flour, Barron Flour Mill Baking Powder (aluminum/gluten-free, made w/non-GMO organic rice starch), sea salt and baking soda. vegan

9" bakeover recipe
preheat oven to 425 degrees. cut 3T. butter (i actually use extra virgin olive oil..your choice) into scant 1 1/2 cups budget mix. Add 1/2 cup water or milk. form a ball and roll out a 9" crust (for an 11" bakeover, double the recipe) place on top of 4 cups sliced fresh vegetables (preferably organic) sauteed briefly (3 min) in 1 T. butter or extra virgin olive oil in 9" non-stick oven-proof skillet. bake 20 minutes. turn contents of skillet upside down on plate and serve.

i have made this recipe hundreds of times with whatever vegetable i have on hand..sometimes add cheese..sometimes beans.. and it is always a hit. even easier..mary janes farm also sells different kinds of bread mixes that can be used in place of the budget mix

Organic Black Bean Corn Bread

Organic Buttermilk Biscuits

Organic Chili Batter Bread

Organic Corn Bread

Organic Focaccia Bread

Organic Garlic Pesto Fry Bread

Organic Shepherd's Pan Bread

all for now..but much more on mary janes farm in future posts.



Anonymous said...

I checked out the Website for MaryJanesFarm. I am going to order some of the food and try it out. Thank you for the tip.

Sweetproserpina said...

Of course, you can live in town and be a farmgirl! In fact, a lot of farmgirls start out in town til they find a way to move out to the country - and some never do - they just create the coziest country living in the the middle of the big city :)
I'm so glad I found out about MJF. Not only are her books wonderful (haven't tried the food yet), but her forum has allowed all us like minded girls a place to meet! Good luck creating a chapter,
Cheers -sweetproserpina

Katmom said...

Welcome napafarmhouse1885,
You will absolutly love chatting at Mary Janes Farm...
welcome & farmgirl hugz,

sunshine said...

Welcome to the farm I have been on the forum for over a year now. I have been published in one of MJ's books and in one of the other farm girls magazines twice. It is a fun community and lots of love just a nice place to visit. You are welcome to visit my blog too.
take care

Anonymous said...

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Hi and welcome to the forums, hope you enjoy it here! I really like the writing on your blog, very personal, I'll try and visit again!
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