Saturday, December 10, 2011

want a recipe for carrot soup?

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i received the following email from a reader recently:
"I’ve been reading your blog and have a story idea that might interest your followers.

We all know we should eat healthy, but, let’s be honest, low-cal food isn’t exactly mouth-watering. Either the flavors are off or the portions are too small. However, getting healthy doesn’t always have to be a drag. I will discuss creative tips for making healthy food more interesting as well as giving some recipe ideas that are sure to help you get healthy, without giving up your inner foodie.

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A little but about me:   I live in Austin. I got into cooking once I started a vegetable garden in my backyard, and I have been thinking up recipes that utilize my garden ever since."

Thank you, Carolyn Knight

with an introduction like that...who wouldn't be interested?  then carolyn sent me her recipe for an easy, creamy, healthy and delicious carrot soup.  sold!  thank you carolyn.  what a perfect dish for cold winter nights.  and the fact that it comes together in minutes is an added bonus at this time of year.  enjoy...
submitted by carolyn knight

Healthy Meal Plan: Carrot Soup
(submitted by carolyn knight)

Yes, we’ve overindulged in pumpkin pie, pecan pie, gingerbread cookies, stuffing with gravy, and mashed potatoes. But the holidays do make room for a little bit of healthy eating. If you want to stay fit during this winter season, try making some vegetable soups. Not only are these meals packed with minerals and nutrients, soups are high-density foods that will make you feel full on very little. Here’s a carrot soup recipe to get you started on your holiday healthy meal plan:

2 cups of chopped carrot
1 potato, chopped into chunks
2 cans of low sodium, fat free chicken broth
2 tablespoons of olive oil
Salt and pepper for taste
1 tbs of fresh chives
1/4 cup slices of parsnip
1 onion, chopped roughly

Steam potato until tender, for about 2-4 minutes. Then, cook onion until tender over oil. Add chopped parsnip, carrots, and broth with about 3 cups of water. Transfer contents into a food processor and add steamed potato. Process it well. Stir in salt and pepper. Transfer back to skillet, heat, and stir for about 2 minutes. Then turn off of heat. Make sure that your soup is the right consistency. If it’s a bit too thick for you, add some more chicken broth until it reaches that perfect texture. Sprinkle parsnip and chives as garnish.

This soup can be enjoyed with a warm baguette as a starter or by itself as a light, guilt-free holiday meal.

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Rachelle said...

I can't wait to try that soup! (yes, feeling quite "overindulged")

Love the pic of Mosie and the Christmas tree! xo

Napa Farmhouse 1885 said...

rachelle...i know how you feel. does it surprise you that i have been od'ing on the dulce de leche fudge?...needed to make another batch cause i am blogging about it on monday ha!