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how often do you eat turnips?  be honest.  turnips are just not a vegetable most people think about.  or talk about.  or plan menus around.  so when food network selected them to be featured this week on food fest i was less than thrilled.  i mean i like them (i really do).  but how many ways can you prepare them?  mashed?  check.  roasted? check.   in soups and stews? check.  steamed and then baked in a casserole?  raw in a salad?  all delicious....but, frankly, been there done that...many, many times.  then i realized the beauty of fall fest.  i am not just a contributer.  i am a fan and i get to try all the wonderful, creative recipes my fellow bloggers will share. 

good thing because turnips are a healthily addition to our diet.  according to rawdiet.com:
"The Turnip holds a great number of nutritional benefits. It is highly rich in calcium, magnesium, folic acid and phosphor and thus essential for a healthy body. Turnips have low calories and no fat. A cup of turnips contain 36 calories. Thus regular consumption does not affect the physique. Turnips have high level of vitamin C and thus protect the body against free radicals. The anti-oxidant properties of turnips help in removing harsh oxidation reactions."  cont. on the raw diet website 

last year, i shared my recipe for pan fried turnips in olive oil served with italian sausage and padrone peppers...so very good.  today, i am going with roasted root vegetable casserole, a mix of sweet potatoes, carrots, parsnips and turnips; roasted and then topped with a garlicky bread crumb topping.  the vegetables are roasted until caramelized making them very sweet. the topping adds crunch and a big garlic punch.  perfect with roasts, chicken, the thanksgiving turkey.  i sometimes add a couple of poached eggs and serve for brunch.  i love this dish! try both of these recipes and those of my fellow bloggers...they just might change your opinion of turnips.

roasted root vegetable casserole
(as always, use local organic/sustainably grown ingredients if you can...the dish will taste better and be better for you)
4 carrots
3 sweet potatoes
4 turnips
4 parsnips
1/2 red onion
extra virgin olive oil
sea salt
aged balsamic vinegar
freshly cracked black pepper
1 1/2 cups fresh bread crumbs from french or sourdough bread
2 cloves garlic, minced

preheat oven to 400 degrees.  chop each vegetable into cubes approx 2 inches each and add to a rimmed baking sheet.  drizzle with olive oil (about 3 tbsp).  using your hands, roll the vegetables in the oil until each piece is coated.  sprinkle with sea salt and pepper.  roast in oven 15 minutes.  remove from oven, stir and place back in oven for an additional 20-25 minutes or until vegetables are tender and caramelized. reduce oven heat to 350 degrees.

pour vegetables and the olive oil from the pan into a casserole dish.  drizzle 2 tbsp balsamic vinegar over top of vegetables. sprinkle prepared bread crumbs (see recipe below) over vegetables.  place casserole in oven for 15-20 minutes, or until hot.  serve immediately.

garlicky bread crumbs
add 1 tbsp extra virgin olive oil to a small skillet over medium heat.  add the minced garlic and sauté for 1 minute.  add the bread crumbs and an additional tbsp olive oil.  stir until crumbs are coated with the oil.  sauté mixture, stirring frequently, until golden brown.  remove from heat. 

now it is your turn to participate in fall fest. simply leave your turnips tip or recipe or favorite links in the comments below, and then go visit food network and do the same same. join the conversation on twitter at #cookingwith and be sure to check out these delicious sounding recipes from the other participating bloggers:
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Liz Hughes said...

That looks great. I agree - turnips are not my go to veggie!

Napa Farmhouse 1885 said...

thanks liz...the casserole may make you a turnip "liker" (not sure about lover!)