Wednesday, June 16, 2010

what is "Thinkfood"?

so, i have been working on the coolest project...but was sworn to secrecy (not my best thing)... i managed to stay quiet until today and am now allowed to tell you that i have a recipe published in an incredibly cool cookbook called Thinkfood, recipes for brain fitness. how cool is that? is this not the most beautiful cover ever? i was honored to be invited to submit a recipe for this project.

Thinkfood is a cookbook sponsored and published by posit science ...the leader in brain training interactive software programs which help people think faster, focus better and remember more. (i am so signing up!!) posit science takes an integrated approach to brain health that includes brain training and now brain healthy eating...check them out, they are doing some really cool things. so the company decided to create a cookbook, Thinkfood, which features 50 brain-healthy recipes from bloggers around the globe. the cookbook has snacks, appetizers, sides and salads, main courses and desserts all featuring a "brain healthy" ingredient. the cookbook will be available in hardcover in stay tuned and i will keep you updated.

for me...the coolest part of the project is the "recipe of the week" component, which is an email campaign that will run for 50 consecutive weeks. if you sign up you get one recipe from the ThinkFood cookbook emailed to you every wednesday...and, best of all, the recipes are free!

i have checked out the list of bloggers...i know of many of i know the recipes will all be amazing. the photos are beautiful...and you can print the recipe for ease of use.

to sign here it now, because the launch is today, june 16th...and today's recipe is for very delicious sounding banana oatmeal chocolate chip cookies from tina haupert of carrots 'n' cake . (will have to try these very soon!) once you sign up you will get one recipe every wednesday for the next 50 weeks.
i cannot tell you about MY recipe until my week...which does not happen for a while...but i will talk about the cookbook as soon as i get my hands on one...(i am so excited) the interim...sign up for the recipes...i think you will be very glad you did.

best, and happy cooking!

diane padoven
napa farmhouse 1885™"live a green life of style™ "
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casalba said...

Congratulations on being part of this brilliant project. Looking forward to your recipe.

Remember when I commented on readability? Well, my proper job was teaching university students with dyslexia. And yes, we sometimes did discuss diet and left/right brain exercises. So this type of information is very useful. Thanks for posting.

Now I'm off to check out all the links you gave.

Leslie said...

Congrats on the recipe entry.
Thinkfood makes sense ~ the cookie recipe sounds amazing.

I will check it all out
Have a wonderful weekend.

Napa Farmhouse 1885 said...

thanks sally...i love being a small part of this project...and confess i had never heard of posit science until they contacted me for a recipe. since then i have tried some of the "brain exercises"...yikes! i need some help :)...let me know what you think of the site..


Napa Farmhouse 1885 said...

hi leslie...i plan to make the cookies this week too...let me know what you think of them...and please let me know if you sign up for the weekly recipes..