Tuesday, October 21, 2008

how much do you love thanksgiving?

thanksgiving is my favorite holiday....i think it is because the point of the day is giving thanks, being grateful and celebrating family, friends and terrific food....some of my favorite memories involve sitting around the dinner table talking, eating, drinking, laughing.....and what is more quintessentially thanksgiving than that?

i thought it would be cool to create a series focusing on thanksgiving memories..good, bad, quirky, happy, sad, bizarre, traditional, non-traditional..whatever...and so next monday, october 27th, is the launch of a thirty day t-day blog-a thon. i am thrilled to announce that some of my favorite foodies, chefs, bloggers, writers, artists, craftspeople, friends, family members and business colleagues have agreed to guest blog and share whatever they want regarding this topic..my no rules/rules to them was to tell a story..that's it...many will share their favorite recipes too. this should be really fun..and since i did not get too bossy with deadlines the stories will be posted when they are posted :) ...meaning there may be a few days with no stories..and a few days with multiple postings...please check in frequently as the project will run through thanksgiving day...and... as always..i invite you to participate by sharing your stories in the comments section of my blog...this should be fun!!

looking forward to hearing from you..
happy fall!

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Kelly said...

I can't wait for these stories. I love Thanksgiving too. I really enjoy your blog and your writing. I am interested in seeing who you pick to guest blog.

margaret said...

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday too. Can't wait for the series.

lalalistic said...

Being English, obviously we dont celebrate thanksgiving. I have to say though I really like the idea. Its lovely to think about all you are thankful for and meet up and enjoy hanging out with your friends and family. I will look forward to reading and maybe hold an "english" style thanksgiving of my own. x
P.S Love your blog x

Anonymous said...

I'm looking forward to these stories too. Obviously, we don't celebrate Thanksgiving in Italy or the UK, but as lalalistic says, it's a lovely idea to give thanks. Any excuse to celebrate is a good idea!

I've tagged you. Visit my site for details - no obligation.

napa farmhouse 1885 said...

hi kelly and margaret...honestly, i can't wait for the series either..i have not seen the guest bloggers' posts yet, so this will be a treat for me too..

napa farmhouse 1885 said...

hi lalalistic..and welcome...please let me know if you decide to have an american thanksgiving done "english" style..how cool would that be? write about it and i will post to my blog..would be fun..can't wait to check out your blog..

napa farmhouse 1885 said...

hi sally..thank you so much for the tag..i was thinking that one of the benefits of my blog is "meeting" really cool people from all over the world..like you!..i will post my tag answers and talk about this as one of the "thanksgiving" stories..they don't all have to be about the american holiday...